Decembers Newsletter


Well into December and here it is, Decembers newsletter. A very busy issue, thanks Mike for a fantastic effort.

December 2017 Newsletter

  • Purgatory Peak at Hazel Grove
  • Dominic continues his ‘Colorado Adventure’ with a visit to the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
  • Something for the kids – some activities for the younger readers!
  • Rumblings from the London Underground – A list of actual announcements that London Tube train
    drivers have made to their passengers…
  • I’m watching you Santa – Mike has had enough and this year he is getting the help of NORAD so he can put Santa straight.
  • Mike visits Spalding with Shauns layout,  Wolfe Lowe.
  • Mikes tribute to 7mm Narrow Gauge modeller; David Butler who recently pass away.
  • Santa visits Macclesfield, well Macclesfield in 2mm to the foot any how.
  • Tornado visits the East Lancs Railway, Tornado is ten next year and is the first Steam locomotive to be capable of hauling express passenger trains since Steam since 1968. the time table for the ELR is in the newsletter and there might, just might be some seats left.

So please enjoy this Decembers offering from Macclesfield Model Railway group, have a merry Christmas and prosperous new year!

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