Purgatory Junction (ON30)

This is a project under development.
At August 2014 we have produced the scenic baseboards, laid the track-work and connected the dropper wires for the track power.

Layout Size (including operating space): 26ft x 6ft

Back Story
Our second foray into American ON30 is small-town, rather than grand mountain scenery, based. We wanted to get trains running through a town, between buildings.

We realised at a very early stage that we would have to pay much more attention to detail this time – with Purgatory Peak we used a more broad-brush approach, relying on the grandeur of the scenery to make the effect.

As currently envisaged, the layout is based in a small (hick) town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The time is the 1950’s but in reality time has stood still here since the 1930’s – at least!. There is still a preponderance of wooded buildings, interspersed with the odd brick (more prestigious) one. It does, however, have a saloon which will have piano music issuing forth and next to the tracks will be the inevitable 1950’s diner – based on a railway carriage. Somehow a small lakeside fishing dock has crept into the design.

We are starting with an end-to-end design 16ft long scenically, with 5ft turntables at each end. There are, however, possibilities for expansion and connecting up the existing fiddle yard!

On the technical side, track-work is by “Micro Engineering” – much more fine scale (and more difficult to work with!!) than “Peco” and points are moved using small servos controlled by “Mega Controllers” electronics. We are also planning that points over the whole layout will be switchable from both ends again using “Megapoint Controllers” features. Unlike Purgatory Peak, this layout has been designed from the start to be powered by DCC only and so e.g. multiple power droppers on to buzz bars are being used and dead sections before points are planned to prevent short circuits when points are approached against the set road.