TIME TO MAKE A FIRM ENTRY IN YOUR DIARY! It’s our 50th annual show and also “Mostyn’s” 21st birthday and, would you believe, this layout made its first public appearance at ….. you guessed it ….. Macclesfield’s show in 2002! A great cause for a double celebration. “Mostyn” has grown ’like Topsy’ over 21 years …

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Yes! It’s all ready for you to download ……. …… and what have we got for you this month?  What can I say? It’s our 50th Annual Exhibition and we’ve made it just a bit special. The layout known as ‘Mostyn’ first appeared at Macclesfield 21 years ago … and it’s coming back to celebrate its …

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Oh! This MialChimp is doing my head in! It’s scheduled delivery of the Newsletter at 01.30 hrs and you’re all asleep – at least I hope you are! Never mind, when you wake up this morning you’ll find your latest Newsletter in your ‘In’box on your e-mail. Enjoy the read!