Look out! It’s coming. For subscribers – it will be hitting your e-mail ‘in-boxes’ at 0600 hrs on Wednesday, 1st September. The record, so far, is for two people to open it by 0601! Can we beat that this month? For non-subscribers, the Newsletter will be available to download on Sunday, 5th September from all …

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It seems like a long time since we were last able to have an exhibition ….. but we have a new date for your diaries! All being well, and there seems to be no reason at the moment to doubt it, we’ll be holding our next exhibition in 2022! Usual place, different weekend, but still …

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Here it is – your August Newsletter. We’ve got Club news (Yes! We’re now fully OPEN!!), a Penny Pincher tip for scrap metal loads, a trip on the Waltersdorf Tramway ……… and so, so much more! Simply click on the link below and enjoy the read.