Newfields Wharf (O Gauge)

Owner: Neil Fraser
Size (including operating space): 16ft x 5ft

Back Story

The layout is a representation of Newfield Wharf in Stoke-on-Trent. The line was originally built by the North Staffordshire Railway, (and was off the N.S. loop line).

The line (as built had no run around and was for goods only) and all the trains were propelled into the yard from the rear; this was to stop any runaways as the line was at the top of a steep hill.

It has been built to connect to a colliery (off scene) and a wharf area that is used to load/unload wagons.

The layout was purchased from a pilot who

had built the layout in his hotel bedroom in Bahrain, and was only exhibited once in Bahrain in an incomplete form. The layout returned to the UK by sea.

I have made some modifications to the layout: adding a station, a signal box and signals, rebuilding some scenery, rewiring to allow for two-train operation if required and have changed it’s setting from Staffordshire to Derbyshire. A new fiddle yard has been built to accommodate more stock and allow an easier change between tracks.

The stock on the layout has been built over the past 20 years, and was used on the Macclesfield club layout Hammeston Wharf. The Midland rail motor won the best kit built locomotive at Nottingham show in 2001. And best model at several other shows. It has a mechanism that moves the valve gear into the correct position before moving off, and includes head, tail and coach lights. Some rolling stock is fitted with Dingham couplings that allows remote wagon movements. All the rolling stock has been built and painted by myself from kits.

I would like to thank Ken Ball who has painted the back scene for me; and other members of Macclesfield Model Railway Group and our O gauge team, who have also helped with the scenery and the operating of the layout.

The layout has been seen from Barrow in Furness in the North to Swindon and the Rhonda in the South, and has done over 32 shows.