September 2017 Newsletter is now available to download.

Hi.  September already and our newsletter is now available for download:

September 2017 Newsletter

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In this month you will find:

  • How to get standard gauge freight cars on narrow gauge tracks:
    • A great article from Udo showing how the narrow Gauge railways of Germany and Switzerland got around having to move goods between wagons at exchange yards by using this ingenious system.
  •  A journey not to be missed- Worth Double:
    • Looking back to 1961, Vic remembers the trip to Aberystwyth and Devils Bridge. Worth double meaning cheap at twice the price!
  • Peak Forest in a Cellar (part 2)
    • Dave continues on with showing us his fantastic layout.  I’m particularly impressed with how he created his Ballast and wagon loads, though I think I’ll keep buying mine.
  • Wolfe Lowe travels to Perth:
    • Wolfe Lowe recently went to the Perth Model Railway Exhibition.  Shaun gives us the lowdown on the weekend.
  • The Georgetown Loop Railroad:
    • While on holiday in America, Dominic visited this amazing railway, quite a feat of engineering.

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