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October 2017 Newsletter

In this months issue, you will find:

  • “Penny Project” – Paper Mache; Udo gives a tutorial on how to create this cheap alternative to “plaster and bandages” for landscaping your layout.
  • Three Members Found Legless in Bakewell; Sutton Hilltop (our 00 layout), recently visited Bakewell for the Chesterfield MRG show.  Alan and Tony give their account of the weekend and how they ended up literally legless!
  • The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad; Dominic visits this wonderful museum. Incidentally at 6512ft is higher than anywhere in the UK. If you’re in the UK you’d like a closer to home fix for American narrow gauge, Purgatory Peak is at the Hazel Grove Exhibition on the 28th and 29th October.
  • Some Facts From The Early Days of Railways; Mike supplies some trivia from the early days of railways.
  • ‘Wolfe Lowe’ Goes to Telford; Mike was asked to help with the operation of Wolfe Lowe at Telford.
  • Also in this issue there is;
    • Useful Tip 1 – Making Your Own Paper Mache Stirrer.
    • Useful Tip 2 – A ‘Power Stirrer’ for Those Pesky Little Paint Pots.
    • A Guide to Model Railway Scales and Gauges.

I hope you enjoy this issue and remember if you like this please see our other issues here:



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