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August 2017 Newsletter

In this months issue there is:

Ian continues with part 2 of “LEDs For Railway Modelling”, another excellent article on how to light up your layout and models. Ian again does a fantastic job of dispelling s some of the myths mysteries around using these types of lights.

“How Do They Do That? Keeping Your Rails Clean” How do you keep your rails clean and why? Dirty tracks can cause issues with running locos, Mike explores some of the different methods for cleaning your tracks .

“Peak Forest in a Cellar” Part 1 of Dave’s layout in surprisingly his cellar.

“Penny Project” make a track side hut.  Mike shows how easy it is to produce a card building with this home grown card kit. Mike is pushing the idea of Penny Projects and is interested in hearing from anyone who has similar ideas. If you use his kit, please send us a picture and it can go in the newsletter.

There is also the usual fun and jokes so please have a look, also if you want to look at any some of the back issues please check them out here.

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