Purgatory Peak’s Travels

Another great outing with ‘Purgatory Peak’ and the 0n30 gang at Preston’s annual model railway show last weekend. Very good exhibition, superb hospitality ……….. and ‘PP’ was voted the ‘Best Layout in Show’! Well worth the trip. Congrats to all involved.

Main line services have been suspended briefly because of an obstruction on the line (!) whilst the Dunkirk waits patiently for the guys to fix a loading problem.
No8 (fresh from the paint shop??), a Climax, with her train of empties heads for the exchange loops where the push up the hill to the mine will be completed by any one of several Shays.
No7 prepares to take on water whilst another Shay (with empties) enters the run-round loop in preparation for her turn to push up the hill to the mine.

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