Macclesfield Model Railway Exhibition Sneaky Peek

Its now only 10 days until our 2018 Exhibition. If you can’t wait until then, feast you eyes on these:

Its a Matter of Scale

The Scale or Gauge of is or should be one of a modellers main considerations when thinking about investing in the hobby.  True there are other things to think about; like location, time period and even things like method of control. But the gauge that you as a modeller choose will generally dictate the size …

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Is it a Train Set?

So what is the difference between a train set and a model railway layout? Very little to be honest and to be clear there is nothing wrong with a train set, but there are some differences and if the interest is there a train set can evolve into a layout. A Train Set A train …

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Wolfe Lowe visits Alsager

Earlier this week I got an email from James Bentley who had been at Alsager last weekend. James seems to be a fan of O gauge in particular and was taken with Wolfe Lowe which is one of our members layouts. James kindly agreed to donate the pictures he took of Wolfe Lowe while he …

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Hello and welcome!

Hi Welcome to Macclesfield Model Railway Groups Blog.  Here you will find articles, muses and news about our group or other related articles. With regard to news, Purgatory Peak visited Folkestone Model Railway exhibition and although it would be fair to say we had some snags it was a resounding success with the “Peak” getting Best in show, …

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