Routemster Bus

Scale/Gauge12″ to the Foot
Region/EraLondon / 1960
OwnerPeter Nash

WLT 467 (RM 467) has become a regular feature at Macclesfield Model Railway Exhibition, providing a free half hourly service to the station and town centre. It also offers a memorable round trip for Exhibition visitors who just want to sample a ride on a classic bus and see the town from the top deck.

The Routemaster was a state-of-the-art bus when designed in the mid 50’s. Series production began in 1959 and its chassis-less, integral, aluminium construction used airframe technology guaranteeing both light weight and longevity. 2876 Routemasters were built, and no one was expecting them to remain in service for 45 years.

RM 467 was built in September 1960 and entered service on the Uxbridge Road to replace the trolleybuses.

It spent most of its operating life south of the Thames and was completely refurbished in 2000 and fitted with its third engine, a Scania. Finally withdrawn from service in July 2004 it said goodbye to Brixton and during those 43 years it clocked up 1.3 million miles and carried over 7.5 million passengers. It then retired to Cheshire where it has remained ever since.