Dunsfold Road

Scale/Gauge4mm / OO
Region/EraSouthern Region / 1980’s
OwnerSteve Saxby (Neepsend MRG)

Also known as Lockdown Project #2, Dunsfold Road was started in late 2017 on a baseboard

that was crying out for a micro/branch line scene. NSE was the theme chosen as we had

some NSE stock from a previous layout and now the 121/122 had arrived from Dapol and

Bachmann had been producing the 2EPB for some time.

An idea was developed to become a secondary route on the outer edge of South West

London as a link between Guildford and Horsham. The principle was for a station at the

fringes of the 3rd rail electrified network which served as an interchange where passengers

would change to a DMU for onward travel, a legacy of funding restrictions that always

plagued BR. We have also included a small factory/warehouse on the old station site that is

served by short Speedlink feeder services, and a branch that supplies a nearby airfield with

aviation fuel.

The track is C&L wooden sleepers with points which are operated by servo motors. The few

structures are Hornby & Bachmann resin mouldings and the factory/warehouse is a Rix

plastic kit. This, and much of the scenic details are bits and pieces salvaged from old,

decommissioned, layouts. A variety of scenic materials have been used to create the

earthworks, including insulation foam, hanging basket liner and various items from the

Woodland Scenics range. Trees are made from sea foam and actual tree branches from the


The main through service is generally in the hands of Reading-based single car DMU’s with

2EPBs running through from the South Central/South Eastern divisions on the recently

installed 3rd rail. All units are fitted with DCC sound from Digitrains or Legoman, and these

are operated automatically by a laptop under the layout running JMRI. A manual override

switch stops operation of the units to allow shunting of the yard. The DCC system used is

from MERG.