Blueish TMD

Scale/Gauge3mm / 12mm
Region/EraReddish (Stockport) / c1980
OwnerPhil Mason (MMRG)

Reddish, near Stockport, was the main shed for the 1500v Woodhead line electrics. As many features as possible in the given space (5ft x 2ft) have been incorporated from Reddish in the BR blue era – Hence the name ‘Bluish’. Much of what you see is scratch built, from the catenary stanchions to the iconic class 76 locos as well as working colour light, semaphore and ground signals. For speed of building, Peco track has been used, coupled with elderly but utterly bomb proof H&M point motors. Locos run on a variety of chassis from elderly Triang and Berlinerbahnen to ‘state of the art’ DCC ready Piko and Arnold which feature all wheel drive and twin flywheels. Other rolling stock is mostly kit bashed from a variety of sources. 3mm is a wonderful scale to work in and is fantastically supported by the 3mm Society.