Blackbrook Halt

Scale/Gauge4mm / OO
Region/EraBlack Country / 1960’s
OwnerGary Hinson

In the deepest darkest Black Country (West Midlands) could be found this small goods yard serving a large iron foundry who’s main product was ships anchors. There was a small goods yard beyond the works and a canal wharf, although by this time the canal was disused. The scene is set in the 1960’s, when the goods yard was mainly served by Pannier tanks from the nearby Stourbridge shed. The small halt can be seen on the embankment was on a cord line between the Bumble hole line and the OW&WR. A very “hit and miss” passenger service was operated on this line, usually by a single railcar, but now and again the good old loco and auto coach was brought into action. On the approach to the level crossing can be seen the local “The rivet counters arms” named because its proximity to Grazebrooks boiler work, before welding, boilers where riveted together and during the late 1980’s the company employed a rather stringent accountant who was obsessive about the amounts of fixings used on a job.

The model itself is totally fictitious, but takes account of the local railways and namely the Bumble hole line and Withymoor Goods Station in Netherton. The area was renowned for the making of boilers anchors and chains, nearly all of which have now demised.

The scenic part of the layout is built in a Grange and Hodder 900mm X 400mm Canopied Module, the track is Peco code 75 bullhead, and the stock RTR or built from kits.

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