Novembers Newsletter!


Our November newsletter is now available to download:

November 2017 Newsletter

In this months issue you will find:

  • “The 0N30 Group Searched For The Pies” Purgatory Peak visits Wigan.
  • “The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad”; Dominic’s grand tour of America visits another high altitude narrow gauge railway. Both terminus are over 7,800ft with the high point being 10,015ft!
  • “Do Model Buildings Have to be Boring?”. I think the answer is no definitely not, as Alek comments, a gallery of some beautiful examples of railway and scenic modelling.
  • “Paignton Model Shop Theft”. Recently Paignton Model Shop was broken into and a lot of stock was stolen. Mike makes some excellent comments and we at MaccMRG hope that Susan and Richard manage to recover the stock and wish them well through what must be a difficult time.

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Exhibition news: Free Classic Bus service on both days!

Some great news for our March exhibition.

On both days there is going to be classic bus scheduled service which will be running from Macclesfield Railway Station to Tytherington School and back.


Octobers Newsletter!

Hello again.

Octobers issue is now online here:

October 2017 Newsletter

In this months issue, you will find:

  • “Penny Project” – Paper Mache; Udo gives a tutorial on how to create this cheap alternative to “plaster and bandages” for landscaping your layout.
  • Three Members Found Legless in Bakewell; Sutton Hilltop (our 00 layout), recently visited Bakewell for the Chesterfield MRG show.  Alan and Tony give their account of the weekend and how they ended up literally legless!
  • The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad; Dominic visits this wonderful museum. Incidentally at 6512ft is higher than anywhere in the UK. If you’re in the UK you’d like a closer to home fix for American narrow gauge, Purgatory Peak is at the Hazel Grove Exhibition on the 28th and 29th October.
  • Some Facts From The Early Days of Railways; Mike supplies some trivia from the early days of railways.
  • ‘Wolfe Lowe’ Goes to Telford; Mike was asked to help with the operation of Wolfe Lowe at Telford.
  • Also in this issue there is;
    • Useful Tip 1 – Making Your Own Paper Mache Stirrer.
    • Useful Tip 2 – A ‘Power Stirrer’ for Those Pesky Little Paint Pots.
    • A Guide to Model Railway Scales and Gauges.

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September 2017 Newsletter is now available to download.

Hi.  September already and our newsletter is now available for download:

September 2017 Newsletter

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In this month you will find:

  • How to get standard gauge freight cars on narrow gauge tracks:
    • A great article from Udo showing how the narrow Gauge railways of Germany and Switzerland got around having to move goods between wagons at exchange yards by using this ingenious system.
  •  A journey not to be missed- Worth Double:
    • Looking back to 1961, Vic remembers the trip to Aberystwyth and Devils Bridge. Worth double meaning cheap at twice the price!
  • Peak Forest in a Cellar (part 2)
    • Dave continues on with showing us his fantastic layout.  I’m particularly impressed with how he created his Ballast and wagon loads, though I think I’ll keep buying mine.
  • Wolfe Lowe travels to Perth:
    • Wolfe Lowe recently went to the Perth Model Railway Exhibition.  Shaun gives us the lowdown on the weekend.
  • The Georgetown Loop Railroad:
    • While on holiday in America, Dominic visited this amazing railway, quite a feat of engineering.

August Newsletter

Augusts newsletter is now online.

Please feel free to have a look.

August 2017 Newsletter

In this months issue there is:

Ian continues with part 2 of “LEDs For Railway Modelling”, another excellent article on how to light up your layout and models. Ian again does a fantastic job of dispelling s some of the myths mysteries around using these types of lights.

“How Do They Do That? Keeping Your Rails Clean” How do you keep your rails clean and why? Dirty tracks can cause issues with running locos, Mike explores some of the different methods for cleaning your tracks .

“Peak Forest in a Cellar” Part 1 of Dave’s layout in surprisingly his cellar.

“Penny Project” make a track side hut.  Mike shows how easy it is to produce a card building with this home grown card kit. Mike is pushing the idea of Penny Projects and is interested in hearing from anyone who has similar ideas. If you use his kit, please send us a picture and it can go in the newsletter.

There is also the usual fun and jokes so please have a look, also if you want to look at any some of the back issues please check them out here.

Julys newsletter

Hello again!

Yes, July’s newsletter is available to download. Please free to have a look.

July 2017 Newsletter

In this months edition:

Dominic visits The Weisseritztalbahn (a German narrow gauge railway). This looks like an amazing day out, but a little far for me to travel! At time of writing the line was 15 km in length but a final section has been rebuilt, so if you find yourself  near Dresden with a day to spare why not go and visit it.

Part one on LEDs and Model Railways. A great introduction to adding illumination to your layout. Ian has done a fantastic job, with just enough information for anyone to have a look and experiment with lighting streets and buildings. I look forward to the next instalment.

Of course if you liked this edition, please feel free to download previous issues from here.


June 2017 Newsletter

Late again I’m afraid…..

But cause for celebration, our newsletter is now four years old! Thanks to Mike for all the hard work.  Please feel free to download it:

June 2017 Newsletter

Past news letters can be found here.

In this month you will find:

  • ‘Loxley’ – an ’N’ gauge layout in Germany.
  • More Wintry Shots of Steam in Saddleworth.
  • How do They do That? Building a Jetty (part 2).
  • Snow and Rain; a few pictures from the internet.
  • A challenge (or a plea); following on from the show. The editors final word is a challenge to see what we can do to help children move on with the hobby, beyond the loop of track on the carpet or dining table.


Mays Newsletter!

Well, we’re well and truly into May now.  The newsletter is up and available to download:

May 2017 Newsletter

In this months issue:

Shaun takes Wolfe Lowe to Nottinghams 2017 Exhibition

Udo gives us a view of the hobby in Germany.

Udo also tells us about “Die Modelbahnwerkstatt in Wuppertal” which is the club he is a member of, without giving to much away; this is a great article explaining how a model railway group in Germany and is quite a different model than we use at MaccMRG!

Mike tells us how the jetty for Purgatory Junction was made.  I’ve seen this “in the flesh” and it is quite extraordinary. A lovely piece of model engineering!

On top of this is the usual extras and thanks again to Mike for putting together a fantastic newsletter.

If you liked this newsletter and would like to see what else we’ve been up to, please feel free to see our back issues here.


Aprils Newsletter


Its been a busy month for me and I nearly missed this one, so apologies; better late than never!

Our monthly news letter is now available for download here.

In this month we have the exhibition report and congratulate the new owner of (what was) our Sutton Central Layout.

Kind of related to the exhibition is an article on Mechano WD 2-10-0, its use at Diggle and also the two Mechano locomotives at the Exhibition.

Back fully to the Exhibition; Udo who had a layout at the exhibition gives his view of the our “show”.

There is also a report of our recent club AGM/

On top of all this is the usual humour and remarks from the internet, thanks again to Mike for editing and producing a fantastic magazine.


Macclesfield Model Railway Exhibition 2017

I’m sure that April 2017’s newsletter will contain a complete review of out 2017 Exhibition but in the mean time, just a few words about our show.

And what a show it was! This year we did very well beating last years figures for attendance, and it was observed that we seemed to have more families attending this year with Sunday being busier than usual.

So thanks to the the owners and operators of the following layouts:

  • Bottle Kiln Lane OO9
  • Foster Street N
  • Barton Road N
  • Deansmoor N
  • Glenuig EM
  • Grime Street (Trams) OO
  • Chebstone OO
  • Happy Valley OO
  • Kepier Colliery OO
  • Sutton Hilltop OO
  • Sutton Central OO
  • Beech Mount OO
  • Weaver Hill OO
  • 29th Street Wharf HO
  • Marmagne HO
  • Kleinbahn Wuppertal: Loh – Hatzweld O
  • Eaton Hall GN15
  • The Mecanno demo

Also thanks to the traders and their teams:

Thanks, also to the exhibition committee, fellow members, friends and family of Macclesfield Model Railway Group for the hard work organising and on the day.

Finally a big thank you for all of you that took the time to come and visit us, we hope you enjoyed your time with us.