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Purgatory Peak’s Travels

Another great outing with ‘Purgatory Peak’ and the 0n30 gang at Preston’s annual model railway show last weekend. Very good exhibition, superb hospitality ……….. and ‘PP’ was voted the ‘Best Layout in Show’! Well worth the trip.┬áCongrats┬áto all involved.


You can now download the complete guide to our annual show simply by ‘clicking’ on the link below ………… it really does tell you everything you need to know”! https://mailchi.mp/0e1b716d6a77/2020-mmrg-exhibition-guide


WELCOME TO THE FEBRUARY 2020 ISSUE…….. and what have we got for you this month? There’s a strange connection between a Canadian named train, ‘The Ocean’, and Manchester. Dominic’s narrow gauge adventures in North Wales continue. This time he’s at the Bala Lake Railway. Pat Honey’s been trawling the internet and found some great videos …

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SHOWTIME IS NEARLY HERE! For all the information you could possibly want about our annual exhibition, simply click on the link below ……. https://mailchi.mp/0e1b716d6a77/2020-mmrg-exhibition-guide


HELLO AND WELCOME TO YOUR NEW YEAR NEWSLETTER. IT’S ALL READY FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD – SIMPLY ‘CLICK’ THE LINK BELOW! What’s inside this issue for you? Dominic’s been on his travels again! This time he travels on two railways in one day! Phil’s got more bits and pieces on his work bench, there’s news …

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What’s inside this issue for you? Dominic’s been on his travels again! This time he’s taking a ride on the Welsh Highland Railway. What impressive machines those Garratts are! Paul takes you through the final part of his wrecker kitbash, Phil gets ready to haul timber and, of course, Santa comes under some scrutiny! There’s …

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No 15 is in Purgatory

No 15 drifts out of the tunnel with a train of empties and a tanker of ‘potable water’. She’s heading back to the high ground and the forest as she passes through Purgatory Peak. She’s got quite a climb in front of her.