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Your monthly Newsletter should be arriving in your e-mail ‘in box’ at 0600 hrs today!

If it’s not there, please check your ‘junk’ files because some e-mail servers just don’t recognise a good read when it’s sent completely free of charge …. where’s their cut? They simply think it’s too good to be true. We know it’s true, but Microsoft and others, who know the value of a buck, don’t! How do we tell them it’s not always about money? Simple! Just enter ‘Macclesfield Model Railway Group’ in your list of contacts or even list ‘MailChimp’ as a ‘trusted sender’ and that should cure any problems concerning ‘corporate redirection’. The ‘big guys’ will do their best to squeeze us for pennies but, as you well know know, our Newsletter is free and that will always be true!

Non subscribers, I’m sorry, will have to wait a few days – – subscribers have to have some benefits! Don’t fret, though. The Newsletter is still free and you will be able to download it from our web site, our FaceBook page and a host of other social media sites within the next few days. Around 1,000+ or so downloads every month, in far flung places around the world, from these outlets tell me that it’s well worth the wait!

You can help to make this Newsletter even better, though! You could tell us what you like or don’t like about it – that will help us to make the Newsletter more tailored to the interests of the people who read it. You could tell us about your hobby, what interests you have, your layout (if you have one), what projects you’ve been involved in, what interesting places you’ve visited, where in this vast and varied planet your railway intersts lie …………………. It’s not my Newsletter, it’s not MMRG’s Newsletter.

It’s yours!

There is a ‘gold star’ awarded to very new contributor – not the most coveted of accolades I’ll admit – but it is a recognition of the effort you have made on behalf of fellow railway (railroad) modellers!

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