OK, OK, we know! It’s Bank Holiday Monday and we know you’ve got absolutely nothing to do. That’s why we’ve scheduled our Newsletter to hit your e-mail ‘in boxes’ at 0600hrs on Monday morning. Now you do have something to do as soon as you wake up …….. you’ve got a whole 20 pages of Newsletter to read ……. and, if you wake in time, you can read it before breakfast and then you’ve got the whole day to read it again! We know it may be a bit early for some of our international readers. The 0600hrs refers to UK time, so you may have to set your alarms accordingly (at daft o’clock!) if you are in the USA or Canada. Those of you in Australia can continue your laid back life style and have a good lie in!

Non subscribers can catch up on Friday (4th June) when the Newsletter will be available to download from all the usual web sites and social media platforms.

Enjoy your hobby

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