A Couple More Layouts for the Exhibition

We have two layouts to announce for the Exhibition.  But sorry I’m going to discuss three.

Firstly Beech Mount:  Built by Ross, one of the club members, he will be exhibiting his new layout at the Exhibition in March.  He is working on it but progress has been good; Ross has achieved more two years than I have done in eight!

Secondly: Sutton Central is a small club layout which is currently being built at the moment. This is a special just for the Macclesfield Exhibition but I can’t say too much at the moment, I’ve got to grab some photos and will reveal more later.

Finally just to clarify, Sutton Hilltop is the clubs new OO layout which we previously knew as “The New OO” layout. This is nearing completion with progress every week, the back scene is the main task on at the moment and from what I have seen is going to be something special!

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