Help with Macclesfield Central

Macclesfield was once served by two stations, both very close together, one being on the site of the modern station (called Macclesfield Central) and the other station was called Macclesfield Hibel Road. These two stations, the goods yard form and the engine shed form the focus of our N Gauge layout; Macclesfield Central.

Or do they? True this is a model railway, a layout. But the layout has several spectacular buildings; some have sadly disappeared but others are recognisable today. Two such models are the gas works (Scratch built by Ken Ball) which have gone. The other is Commercial Road Mill (Arighi Bianchi’s) part of which still exists today.

Macclesfield Central looks great but it’s very much a work in progress and we need help; If you have any old pictures of the railway and it’s surrounding area. Particularly between Brook Street, Hibel Road Tunnel and the Bollington branch please share them with us. If you have any information or stories, again we are eager to hear them, please get in touch.

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