Mays Newsletter!

Well, we’re well and truly into May now.  The newsletter is up and available to download: May 2017 Newsletter In this months issue: Shaun takes Wolfe Lowe to Nottinghams 2017 Exhibition Udo gives us a view of the hobby in Germany. Udo also tells us about “Die Modelbahnwerkstatt in Wuppertal” which is the club he is …

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Macclesfield Model Railway Exhibition 2017

I’m sure that April 2017’s newsletter will contain a complete review of out 2017 Exhibition but in the mean time, just a few words about our show. And what a show it was! This year we did very well beating last years figures for attendance, and it was observed that we seemed to have more …

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March Newsletter

Our March Newsletter is now available for downloading: March 2017 – Newsletter In this months newsletter you will find: Jubilees at Diggle Junction; Recollections on Diggle Junction and the Mickelhurst Loop from Ken. Final Report from Al Facer’s ‘Man Cave’; Mike gives a fantastic tribute to fellow enthusiast and club member Alastair Facer who passed …

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Semaphore Signals Bounce!

Mike here.  I’ve been asked by some of our newsletter subscribers to dig out an article from the July 2015 issue. Dave Fenton who some of you might know from MegaPoints Controllers wrote an article on adding servo control to Dapol semaphore signals including the bounce. If you want to see it working see below …

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Its a Matter of Scale

The Scale or Gauge of is or should be one of a modellers main considerations when thinking about investing in the hobby.  True there are other things to think about; like location, time period and even things like method of control. But the gauge that you as a modeller choose will generally dictate the size …

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Is it a Train Set?

So what is the difference between a train set and a model railway layout? Very little to be honest and to be clear there is nothing wrong with a train set, but there are some differences and if the interest is there a train set can evolve into a layout. A Train Set A train …

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2016 Exhibition Video on YouTube

David from BearTownTV has took this video at our Exhibition last year. Great video, thanks David.  

GWR Pannier tanks on Sutton Hilltop

We had a couple of GWR pannier tank engines pulling some coaches on the layout.  It’s always good to see trains running on a layout, Sutton Hilltop is out large OO layout.  I managed to get a shot of GWR Pannier 2759 flying down the express line and bypassing Sutton Hilltop altogether! Club members can …

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A Couple More Layouts for the Exhibition

We have two layouts to announce for the Exhibition.  But sorry I’m going to discuss three. Firstly Beech Mount:  Built by Ross, one of the club members, he will be exhibiting his new layout at the Exhibition in March.  He is working on it but progress has been good; Ross has achieved more two years …

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Decembers Newsletter

Decembers newsletter is now available. in this months edition there is: ‘Purgatory Peak’ Hits the Headlines! A Holiday Idea in Cornwall ‘Purgatory Peak’ Goes to France ’00’ Makes Great Progress Laws Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum Keeping the Kids Amused Plus the usual banter and regular items.